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HIIT Pregnancy Workout

Weekly HIIT Workout For Pregnancy | Fit To Be Pregnant

This is an example of the high intensity interval training (HIIT) workouts that I’ve been writing for myself during this pregnancy. These are very similar to the workouts I performed before I was pregnant, the only real difference is that I’m much slower now, and I have to modify a few movements to accommodate my growing belly.


This is the workout I did this morning, at 24 weeks. It is a Tabata workout, which means I performed each exercise for 20 seconds, rested 10 seconds, and repeated for 4 minutes. I did this 4 times for a total of 16 minutes of intense work. Most of the time tabatas are the same exercise for the entire 4 minute set, but I like to couple 2 exercises per tabata to keep it interesting.

Tabatas are an intense form of exercise in which you push yourself to your max for small bursts. Because I’m pregnant, I don’t push to my maximum like I did before, watching my breath and body temp closely to make sure I’m staying safe. I drink 2 full liters of cold water before, during, and right after my workout (easy to just fill up this water bottle twice). Tabatas and HIIT are advanced routines, so make sure you are clearing these with your doctor, listening to your body, and working up slowly to the intensity this requires.

To time the tabatas, I use a free iphone app called “Seconds”. It has a tabata timer included that automatically sets the :20/:10 intervals up for you.


The Workout

I begin with a 5:00 warmup to lubricate joints, warm up muscles, and get my heart pumping a little to prevent injury.

The equipment required for this workout are dumbbells, a sandbag, and a medicine ball.

Tabata 1

Rest 1 minute

Tabata 2

  • :20 squats with 15 lb dumbells
  • :10 rest
  • :20 ski jumps with medicine ball
  • :10 rest
  • Repeat this sequence 4x for a total of 4 minutes

Rest 1 minute

Tabata 3

  • :20 mountain climbers
  • :10 rest
  • :20 sandbag swings with 35 lb sandbag
  • :10 rest
  • Repeat this sequence 4x for a total of 4 minutes

Rest 1 minute

Tabata 4

  • :20 inchworms to pushup
  • :10 rest
  • :20 high knees (more like medium knees with the baby in the way)
  • :10 rest
  • Repeat this sequence 4x for a total of 4 minutes

Total workout time (with breaks) – 18:20

Weekly HIIT Workout For Pregnancy | Fit To Be PregnantWeekly HIIT Workout For Pregnancy | Fit To Be Pregnant

I feel amazing when I’m finished. I get a full body strength workout and intense cardio workout all in one. My joints and circulation are better all day, and I’ve even noticed that any pregnancy edema (swelling) is minimized afterwards.

I follow up these workouts with a stretching cool down (with yoga incorporated), and a 10 minute meditation where I practice becoming aware of tension and releasing it, in preparation for labor.

I then eat a high protein/carb meal (greek yogurt, berry, spinach, oatmeal smoothie with scrambled eggs) to replenish my muscles and spent energy.

Check here for weekly HIIT workouts for pregnancy posted each Tuesday!

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