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Best Workout Clothes for Pregnancy

HIIT Workout For Pregnancy - Burn Baby Burn WorkoutIf you’re going to continue working out during your pregnancy, finding the right workout clothes is really important. You need to be comfortable, you need to have support, and you need to look cute, right?

Here are my top recommendations for getting all of these things accomplished:

Maternity Workout Tops

I LOVED my stretchy, bamboo material Alo tank so much that I recently decided to make them available for other fit moms too! This tank was breathable so I could work out outdoors even in the summer heat, and the material stretched with my growing belly but didn’t stretch out – I still wear it now, more than a year since pregnancy. The new design (below) even features an adorable image of your baby to remind you why you’re still working out, even though you’re expecting! 🙂

Screen Shot 2015-04-07 at 1.03.12 PM

I also really liked my For Two Fitness shirt for the same reasons – super cute, stretchy and comfortable.

Maternity Support Belt

This last pregnancy was healthy and fit, but it was BIG. I mean, BIG. My belly was ridiculously large (turns out it was holding a bowling ball of a baby) and certain workouts could be uncomfortable because of that. But thanks to this support belt, I was able to jump rope and jog all the way through my pregnancy until the week of Austin’s birth. It was supportive in just the right places, and took all of the pressure off of my hips and lower back.

Maternity Sports Bra

I’ll be honest – I just can’t find a supportive sports bra that is also good for nursing. I really love my Motherhood sports nursing bra for its comfort and nursing convenience, but it isn’t supportive enough for running and jumping. So I wear that one for strength training days and my favorite sports bra of all time, this one from Nike, when I need more support.

Maternity Workout Pants

You cannot beat comfortable AND affordable, which is why I never took off my Old Navy yoga pants. I used them for yoga and I used them for my other workouts too, as well as these. They also have some newer styles that are super cute and ALMOST make me want to be pregnant again. ALMOST.


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