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Update – 9 Months Postpartum

Hi guys! This is a VERY LATE update for 9 months postpartum! I’ve been so busy working on my book and other projects, which you can keep up with by joining my VIP list for FREE here!

Babyโ€™s Age

9 months old

9 Month Postpartum Update - Fit To Be Pregnant



9 Month Postpartum Update - Fit To Be Pregnant

Not much has changed since the last update besides a tiny bit more muscle.

Notes From the Pediatrician

Austin got his 2nd and 3rd shots this month. Oh my goodness, that was tough to watch.

He is now 21 lbs 13 ounces (65th%), 27 3/4″ (24th%), and 19″ head circumference (97%).

Austin is FINALLY sleeping all night, after we decided to do some very loose sleep training. My marriage and my parenting skills were both suffering as a result of not sleeping at night and also feeling like we were doomed to never sleep. We ended up using the pick-up/put-down method written about by the Baby Whisperer, and that worked…for awhile. He started waking again every couple of hours, so out of desperation, we ended up moving his crib to another room, and that did it. 11-12 hours of solid sleep every night since. He still wakes up every morning at 5 and is taking ridiculously short naps, but we’re working on that ๐Ÿ™‚

I also began feeding Austin solid foods. We started just with some jar food from the store just to get him used to it, then I began using our leftover meals to make purees for him. I know that baby-led weaning is all the rage right now but he just isn’t that interested in it. He does like scrambled eggs and banana but he doesn’t like picking it up himself ๐Ÿ™‚

Austin is crawling everywhere, pulling up to standing, can stand alone for a few seconds, loves to throw balls, but his absolute favorite thing to do is to hold onto us and walk around the house. It is back-breaking but we do it all day because he just squeals with joy. He has also discovered our doggie and just follows her around the house.


Not much has changed on the food front. I’ve been holding steady on my daily calorie intake and even did a little experiment. My husband and I read the book Intuitive Eating, and both of us found it to be completely life-changing. Basically it talks about the long-term negative effects of dieting and the dangers of having negative associations with “bad” foods. So we both experimented with eating some foods we had previously outlawed in our home. I ate high fructose corn syrup, GASP. I eventually came back to the conclusion that the “outlawed” foods made me feel like crap and I couldn’t wait to get back to normal eating. I’ve learned to pay more attention to my hunger signals rather than eating because I’m supposed to (I got into that bad habit when learning to eat for body building). I also learned to give myself permission to eat whatever I want, which takes away the desire to eat more and more of something that’s considered “bad” because I’m afraid it will be the last time.ย  I HIGHLY recommend this book to EVERYONE who has ever struggled with food!! It changed the way we eat and it also GREATLY changed the way we approach healthy eating with our kids! (for example – we no longer tell them when to eat, but are teaching them to rely on their own hunger cues)

Here are my typical meals:

  • Breakfast โ€“ 2 slices of sprouted grain bread with refried beans and avocado
  • Lunch โ€“ vegan “pizza” on a whole grain pita, with hummus as sauce, sliced grilled veggies (squash, red onion, tomatoes, artichokes), steamed spinach, and lentil “meat” (cooked lentils and walnuts ground together in food processor)
  • Dinner โ€“ 2 ounces of lean meat, 1/4 cup legumes OR 1/2 cup legumes only, vegetables and fruit. Example: Lentil tacos (taco โ€œmeatโ€ made with lentils and walnuts), avocado, sauteed summer vegetables like zucchini and squash, and watermelon. Whenever itโ€™s easy to replace meat with legumes and avoid cheese/dairy, I sub for myself and my husband.
  • Afternoon Snack โ€“ green smoothie with spinach, oats, flaxseed, frozen fruit (berries, mango, pineapple), coconut milk
  • Pre-Bed snack โ€“ Apple and Peanut or Almond Butter

These are normal everyday meals, but on Wednesdays and one evening on the weekends we eat whatever we want. Sushi, tacos, ice cream, pizza. In the coming months I’m going to begin counting calories again as I work on some personal goals of building muscle. I’ll still be incorporating these foods (no more restriction for me, ever!) and just keeping within my calorie range. That daily goal will still be about 2000 calories per day! Love it.



I just finished up another 12 weeks of awesome training and am TOTALLY feeling like my pre-pregnancy self! I did 12 weeks of the Nike Training Club app, they have programs you can follow. This was my schedule:

  • Monday โ€“ 45 minute strength workout + 2 miles of sprints
  • Tuesday โ€“ 45 min yoga
  • Wednesday โ€“ 45 minute strength + cardio workout
  • Thu โ€“ 4 mile run
  • Friday โ€“ strength and cardio circuit training, 45 min
  • Saturday โ€“ long runs – longest was 8.5 miles
  • Sunday โ€“ rest

I increased my average run pace from about 11:15 min/mile to about 10:30 min/mile, even on the longer runs. I was shocked at my ability to run for an hour, hour and 1/2, considering just over a year ago my achilles tendon was wrecked and I never thought I’d be running again, ever. I used to be a pretty decent runner, my fastest 5K time being 8:50 min/mile so I’m working towards that again, as well as being able to go a bit further, next goal is 10 miles.

Over the next 3 months I’m totally changing it up again and focusing on building muscle, building on what I was able to do with Nike Training Club. I have to keep things interesting or I get bored, so totally new goals and challenges ahead! My husband helped me write a 12 week weight lifting program, so I’ll be doing that on M/W/F, then normal running schedule (above) on Th/Sat (plus sprints on Monday). The first six weeks I’ll just be concentrating on building muscle, increasing strength and power. The second six weeks I’ll be aiming to cut fat. I hope that by 1 year post-partum, I’ll be lifting pretty heavy, increase my metabolism, and see a dramatic physical transformation. This is just a fun personal goal of mine, I’m really happy with where I’m at and how far I’ve come! I love a challenge ๐Ÿ™‚

You can see my entire plan for postpartum diet and fitness here.


Nine months out – I can’t believe it’s been this long. His life is just flying by, as I feared it would. I have loved every second of it (except the not sleeping, that I could live without). He is just the happiest little dude and brings all of us so much joy.

I’m feeling like there’s not much more to report on the topic of my post-baby body. I’m still breastfeeding quite often and don’t plan to stop until at least a year. Because of this I do have a layer of fat that just won’t seem to budge. I’m not worried about it, just have noticed it. I’m still fitting in the clothes I want to fit in, making progress athletically, and feeling great. The fat is on my triceps and my thighs but not really anywhere else. I still have loose skin around my midsection, which I had pre-pregnancy too from my previous babies, but it’s still not as tight as before this pregnancy. I don’t really know if that’s going to tighten up more or not. Again, just something I’ve noticed that I’m trying to remain rational about ๐Ÿ™‚

I’ll give one more update at one year post-partum, in December. I can’t believe that’s only 3 months away!!!



ย (PS-I wrote this post a month ago. Austin is now 10 months old, I’m already halfway through my new workout routine, but such is life!)


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