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Best Workout Clothes for Pregnancy

HIIT Workout For Pregnancy - Burn Baby Burn WorkoutIf you’re going to continue working out during your pregnancy, finding the right workout clothes is really important. You need to be comfortable, you need to have support, and you need to look cute, right?

Here are my top recommendations for getting all of these things accomplished:

Maternity Workout Tops

I LOVED my stretchy, bamboo material Alo tank so much that I recently decided to make them available for other fit moms too! This tank was breathable so I could work out outdoors even in the summer heat, and the material stretched with my growing belly but didn’t stretch out – I still wear it now, more than a year since pregnancy. The new design (below) even features an adorable image of your baby to remind you why you’re still working out, even though you’re expecting! 🙂

Screen Shot 2015-04-07 at 1.03.12 PM

I also really liked my For Two Fitness shirt for the same reasons – super cute, stretchy and comfortable.

Maternity Support Belt

This last pregnancy was healthy and fit, but it was BIG. I mean, BIG. My belly was ridiculously large (turns out it was holding a bowling ball of a baby) and certain workouts could be uncomfortable because of that. But thanks to this support belt, I was able to jump rope and jog all the way through my pregnancy until the week of Austin’s birth. It was supportive in just the right places, and took all of the pressure off of my hips and lower back.

Maternity Sports Bra

I’ll be honest – I just can’t find a supportive sports bra that is also good for nursing. I really love my Motherhood sports nursing bra for its comfort and nursing convenience, but it isn’t supportive enough for running and jumping. So I wear that one for strength training days and my favorite sports bra of all time, this one from Nike, when I need more support.

Maternity Workout Pants

You cannot beat comfortable AND affordable, which is why I never took off my Old Navy yoga pants. I used them for yoga and I used them for my other workouts too, as well as these. They also have some newer styles that are super cute and ALMOST make me want to be pregnant again. ALMOST.


Ten Essential Items For a Fit, Comfortable Pregnancy and Birth

Ten Essential Items For a Fit, Comfortable Pregnancy and Birth | Fit To Be Pregnant

Being pregnant is a very exciting and overwhelming time. Choosing what to spend money on for such a short period of time can also be tough. To remain fit, comfortable, and healthy throughout your 40 weeks, here are some items I think are essential for myself, or are on my own wish list, that I think are worth the investment.

FitToBePregnant in article

  1. Maternity Workout Clothes – For about the first 20 weeks I could get away with stretching an old workout tank over my growing bump. I’ll never forget trying on the first workout shirt made for maternity and exclaiming to my husband “Ahhh, this feels SO GOOD!” If you’re trying to stay fit, you don’t need your workout clothes to be too constricting, so invest in some good workout clothes and bras. Click here for my recommendations for the best in all categories!
  2. Exercise Ball – Not only can you use this ball for pregnancy exercise, sitting on it relieves lower back pain, and are also recommended during your birthing time (labor) to help baby move down the birth canal.
  3. Maternity Lingerie – I am a sucker for beautiful lingerie, and lived in Victoria’s Secret before my pregnancy. I searched everywhere for beautiful, high-quality maternity/nursing lingerie after I became pregnant, to no avail. I finally found this company, You! Lingerie, on Instagram, and really love their line. You shouldn’t be stuck wearing ugly, plain undies just because you’re expecting and/or nursing, you should still be able to feel like *you*.
  4. Workout Support BeltThis belt is on my list to order ASAP, as I’ve read from many other fit pregnant bloggers that it helped them to continue exercise all the way up to childbirth.
  5. Body Pillow – I have just a regular body pillow from Target this pregnancy, but last time I had this total body pillow made just for pregnancy, and oh, how I loved it. It was so comfortable that I slept with it well after my last baby was born. I would have one now if I didn’t already have the full body pillow and if I weren’t already crowding my poor husband out of our tiny bed.
  6. Vitamins and Cod Liver Oil – For the first trimester when you’re experiencing morning sickness and then as a back up to a healthy, nutritious diet later on, I love these prenatal vitamins made from organic, whole foods. They are more expensive than just a regular prenatal, but in my opinion, regular prenatals are just a waste of money anyways, made from synthetic vitamins, not real food, and probably completely ineffective (not to mention full of additives and food dyes). I also take a teaspoon of this Cod Liver Oil daily, for my baby’s brain and vision health, and to prevent aches and pains and postpartum depression for me. This fish oil is the only one I would buy because it only requires a teaspoon rather than 5 giant pills, is free of mercury and contaminants, and is a high quality fish oil I’ve found with a safe level of Vitamin A(too much be dangerous to baby–Read about cod liver oil during pregnancy HERE)
  7. Foam Roller – We have always used a foam roller to aid in muscle recovery post-workout, and it has not disappointed with pregnancy. It feels A-MA-ZING to roll out my legs, back, and hips at the end of the day, like giving myself a massage.
  8. Water Bottle – I know I say this all the time, but this water bottle helped me to instantly double the amount of water I drink each day. I don’t know if it’s the bite straw or the fact that it’s portable, but it is by my side literally 24 hours a day.
  9. HypnoBabies – I’m up to week 3 of 5 in this home study course, and I cannot sing its praises enough. In just a few weeks, my outlook on birth has gone from nervous excitement and insecurity about my abilities to give birth naturally to total peace and confidence that I will have a comfortable, easy birth. HypnoBabies teaches self-hypnosis and relaxation so that you can experience a pain-free birth, unmedicated if you choose. The powerful hypnosis taught is the same that patients who are allergic to anesthesia have used to undergo surgery.
  10. Books –  Ina May’s Guide to Childbirth (I reviewed it here), Active Birth, and Natural Childbirth The Bradley Way are the ones I have read and think are essential to any mother giving birth, natural or not. Pushed, Childbirth Without Fear, and The Birth Partner have been recommended in my literature, my midwives, and by other pregnant women. And OF COURSE, my ebook, Fit To Be Pregnant: 12 Steps to the Healthy, Comfortable, and Fit Pregnancy of Your Dreams answers every prenatal fitness and nutrition question you could possibly have.


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