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HIIT Workout for Pregnancy – Hot Mama Workout

Weekly HIIT Workout for Pregnancy - Hot Mama Workout | Fit To Be Pregnant

This was my workout for today, 30 weeks pregnant.

So far this pregnancy, I spent the first trimester on crutches, the second trimester on a 5 week road trip, and have only the past 6-7 weeks been able to really get back to my regular pre-pregnancy routine. I really sort of assumed that my progress back to athleticism would be limited. And yet every week, my body amazes me. I’m continuing to improve upper and lower body strength and endurance. I’m slow changing positions, but I can run again, I can pushup again, I can jump…I feel like ME. Ladies, we have amazing bodies!

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Workout Type

HIIT intervals, with a mix of anaerobic strength training and intense cardio. Work intervals are 50 seconds each, rest intervals are 10 seconds each. Feel free to adjust these intervals to whatever combination (that adds up to 1 minute) that you are comfortable with (example, :30/:30).

Equipment Needed

Weekly HIIT Workout for Pregnancy - Hot Mama Workout | Fit To Be Pregnant

Set Number of rounds to 16, High Intensity for :50, Low Intensity for :10 (I changed the label to “Rest”)


Broad Jump + Burpee – First I do a broad jump by starting in a half squat, legs about shoulder width apart, then spring forward, using arms for momentum, and land back in squat, then stand up. From here I drop down and perform a burpee, but instead of jumping straight up at the end, I go straight back into another broad jump.

Weekly HIIT Workout for Pregnancy - Hot Mama Workout | Fit To Be Pregnant

Sandbag Lunge and Tricep Press – I started in standing position, arms up with elbows bent at ears, holding sandbag or dumbbells behind head. Lunge forward, lift the sandbag straight up, using triceps. As I came back up from lunge, I lowered the sandbag back down. Repeated with other leg. I try to keep knees in alignment with toes, core tight, chest out. Note: I started out with the sandbag (45#), but quickly went to two 15 pound dumbbells, then one dumbbell, then in the last round just a 10 pound plate.

Weekly HIIT Workout for Pregnancy - Hot Mama Workout | Fit To Be Pregnant

Squat + Side Leg Lift – Squat, come up on right leg while simultaneously lifting left leg out to the side, come back down to squat and repeat on the other side. My goal is to keep chest out, back straight, weight in heels.Weekly HIIT Workout for Pregnancy - Hot Mama Workout | Fit To Be Pregnant

Jump Rope – I “doubled” my bounce to go at a slower pace.

Weekly HIIT Workout for Pregnancy - Hot Mama Workout | Fit To Be Pregnant

Workout Breakdown

I start with a 5 minute warm up – dynamic stretching (stretching while staying moving, unlike static stretches where you hold the stretch), progressing to some jumping jacks and high knees.

  • :50 Broad Jump Burpees
  • :10 rest
  • :50 Sandbag Lunge + Tricep Press
  • :10 rest
  • :50 Squat + Side Leg Lift
  • :10 rest
  • :50 Jump Rope
  • :10 rest

Repeat this a total of 4 times for a 16 minute workout

End with a 10 minute stretching cool down. I like to stretch out my arms, then my hamstrings, my inner thighs, my quads, and then perform a few sun salutations. I also add in cat/cow to stretch out my back and hips, and end in child’s pose.


For beginners or later in pregnancy:

Rounds – Do fewer rounds for a shorter workout

Broad Jump Burpees – Take smaller jumps forward, walk your feet during burpee instead of jumping them in and out. Go as slow as you need to.

Sandbag Lunge + Tricep Press – Use lighter weights, or use a chair for support

Squat + Side Leg Lift – hold onto a chair for support/balance

Jump Rope – If jumping isn’t comfortable, do high knees, low knees, or “low” jacks instead

Benefits For Pregnancy

Intervals – Learning to work in intense intervals prepares you mentally and physically for labor by getting you accustomed to intense work, followed by rest – just like contractions. HIIT work also improves your endurance, cardiovascular health, and builds muscle, all in a short period of time.

HIIT Training – increases the amount of oxygen you and your baby will receive over the next 24-48 hours, builds muscle.

Broad Jump + Burpees – improves balance and agility, full body strength and cardio that strengthens and stretches every major muscle group including the child-birthing ones, and also gets the heart rate up to carry oxygen to the baby and the body, improves circulation, reduces swelling, and increases endurance needed for labor.

Lunge + Tricep Press – builds lower body, upper body, and core strength to support the uterus, strengthen childbirth muscles, and prevent back aches. Helps with balance as our gravity shifts as we grow.

Squats –  Squats are essential in preparing your body for childbirth by strengthening and stretching your child-birthing muscles, and also build core strength for supporting your growing uterus and stretching hip joints. Squatting also helps to prepare your perineum for stretching during the pushing phase of labor.

Jump Rope – cardio that will increase endurance and stamina needed for labor, improve circulation and edema.

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