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I’ve already slipped in a few of my posts, but we are so excited to share that we are having a precious little boy!!

Just after we returned home from our big trip, we had a sonogram appointment. We asked the tech not to tell us the sex but to put something in an envelope for us so we could find out together, just the two of us. The sonogram was amazing, I cried of course. Baby was so active that morning, well, he’s ALWAYS that active it seems. He was moving all over the place and kicking the tech’s hand as she moved the wand over him. His little bottom was sticking out and he had his little hands up to his face. She was able to capture this amazing 3D pic of his face. It's A.... | Fit To Be Pregnant

I was not expecting to be able to see this type of picture, she did it because she had such a great view, and I was absolutely blown away — I can already see the resemblance to my other three kids!!! Look at those lips!

This particular weekend, we had decided to stay in a hotel in a popular area of town, not far from home, just to have a little mini-staycation and Babymoon. We went back to the hotel, tried to distract ourselves all day, and eventually made our way to a nice restaurant, where we had outdoor patio seats and other than the waiter, the place to ourselves.It's A.... | Fit To Be Pregnant

As soon as the server took our order, we pulled the envelope out, held it together, both held our breath, and opened it. There was a VERY clear image of our son’s junk, which I saw at about the same time that my husband saw the word “BOY!”, and I started giggling and crying all at once. I have had the instinct of boy ever since I started putting on weight and belly size so quickly, since a) my husband and his brothers were all 10+ pounds at birth and b) my first son was 9 pounds while my daughters were only 7ish, and I was HUGE with him and much smaller with them. I really didn’t think the gender of a baby would make a difference in the shape and size of MY body but now I’m convinced that it does!

It took us a good while to let it all sink in.

After dinner my husband immediately wanted to go shopping for the baby. We bought a newborn onesie that says “Little Brother”, and gave this to the kids on Monday to tell them the sex. They. Were. So. Excited. All three wanted a brother, and they are beside themselves.

We waited another week to tell our families, announcing the sex by stuffing a large box with blue balloons and opening it for them. Every single family member from both my side and his guessed boy. Actually, not one person yet has thought girl. It's A.... | Fit To Be Pregnant

Our family will now be 2 girls and 2 boys, and I just think that is so perfect.

I can’t wait to have another mama’s boy, I can’t wait to see him idolize his wonderful Daddy, I can’t wait to kiss his pouty little lips and the top of his head and all 10 of his toes.

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