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20 Week Update (Belated)

Week: 20 weeks

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20 weeks at Glacier Point, Yosemite

20 weeks at Glacier Point, Yosemite

Symptoms: tired at the end of the day, out of breath, both of which can be explained by hiking and elevation in Yosemite. Baby kicking so hard that it’s moving objects on my belly. Big rolling movements where I can feel little “knobs” of body parts with my fingers.

Midwife Appointment Notes: next appointment is when we return.

Food: my 20th week began in Yosemite and ended in Vegas (yes, again-we decided last minute to ditch further camping plans and just head back for some much-needed adult fun) Yosemite was groceries and camping meals, Vegas was very very very unhealthy food. I am really missing my normal meals at home, this convenience food and eating out is really starting to get old.

Breakfast –   Camping – oats, peanut butter, honey, blueberries, and 2% milk. hotel- “eggs” (hotel breakfast version), apple, yogurt, biscuit and gravy.

Lunch – camping was spinach and chicken wrap with hummus, with bell pepper slices and strawberries. Vegas I usually skipped lunch because breakfast was so late and so huge.

Snacks – Larabar and/or clementines camping, Vegas I either skipped or once split a pretzel w/ husband.

Dinner – Camping was more convenience food that I tried to eat with veggies – hamburgers, hot dog, spinach and chicken quesadilla, etc. Vegas we had crab and shrimp one night for dinner, the next night we had sandwiches w/ the kids and then pizza at 3am.

Still taking my prenatal vitamins daily and cod liver oil every few days. Probably saving my ass right now.

Exercise: In Yosemite we hiked every day. Our biggest hike was a 5.25 miler, the first half downhill to the top of a waterfall, the second half was straight up and really exhausting. The other hikes were about 3.5 each, both with the kids in tow, so slow and steady but lots of hills and terrain. In Vegas, just lots of walking. I still haven’t done a single “planned” workout.

Thoughts and Feelings: I LOVE feeling the baby and feel like I have bonded so much with it in the past couple of weeks. The harder kicks still make me jump. You would never know that I have done this 4 times before. I’m also beginning to notice the baby’s patterns and schedule. He/she seems to get really active around 10pm (depending on what time zone I’ve been in – it’s always the same). We went to another Vegas show, this time sitting just a few rows from the stage, with really loud music and heavy drum beats–the baby just about kicked right out of my belly, I was so distracted by it that I couldn’t pay attention to the stage (cirque du soleil of all things) 10 feet in front of me.

Camping and hiking are pretty exhausting while pregnant. It may just be the higher elevation because I’m here now at a mountain cabin in Utah and just resting, feel constantly exhausted and out of breath. I wasn’t sure I’d be up for much in Vegas but my husband and I were able to get away (our oldest is almost 15, so we have a built-in babysitter) at night and take advantage of the Vegas nightlife, again. We had a blast, I hung in there until 2am the first night and almost 4am the second. Being the only sober person in Vegas is actually a lot more fun than it sounds…aside from giving my husband the chance to really let loose, I had a ton of fun watching the rest of the crowd stumble around, hook up, and make fools of themselves (as one should in Vegas).

I had one little mini-breakdown to my husband about not feeling as if I’m having the “fit” pregnancy that I wanted. He gave me one of his awesome pep talks that always brings me back to earth, reminding me that I’ve managed some pretty amazing hikes with such a changing body, have still managed to get vegetables and my fish oil in every day, and while not all the food has been ideal, I am doing the best I can in these circumstances (I’m not sure that’s true, but I love that he thinks so).

I’m actually 21 weeks writing this now and will probably have another late update as we will be camping again in the Rocky Mountains the rest of this week.

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