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We’re Pregnant!

So here we are, 4 weeks and 4 days pregnant! I’m just coming out of the fog of surprise enough to begin writing about it.

We were so unbelievably lucky to get that positive test after only a short period of trying. Even though this will be my 4th child and I’ve never had trouble getting pregnant, we just weren’t sure what to expect since this is Tony’s first.

This website will be kept private for the first trimester for fairly obvious reasons, and after that time we will open it up for our readers to join us along on this amazing journey.

This pregnancy is signifigant for me because I am, at this point, in the best shape of my life (besides being on crutches, but that’s another post). My three children are all perfect and healthy at ages 14, 10, and 6, but those pregnancies were not. I gained too much weight, I ate processed crap, and had complications throughout.


I am so excited to get to have one more chance to have a healthy, fit pregnancy that falls more in line with the philosophies and practices of my current healthy lifestyle.

My number one goal for this pregnancy is good health for our baby and also for myself. I feel so great after transitioning to a healthy, fit lifestyle free of processed foods and full of exercise. Whole foods have helped me to beat illness and allergies, feel younger and energized, and give me so much energy to deal wtih my busy life. If they can do that for me, then imagine what they can do during the most critical part of this pregnancy-right now, as the baby is literally being formed. I can see labor and delivery being so much easier now that I am in such good shape. I’ve learned how to push through exhaustion and I’ve built my body to absolutely kick ass. That can only be in my favor.

I’m also trying to stay realistic. I know I’m not going to have access to whole foods 100% of the time. I know that there will be days when I just can’t stomach spinach. Just as in my normal life, this pregnancy will be all about balance–doing the best I can when I can, and letting the rest go.

I’m so lucky that my husband Tony has offered to support not only my food choices by eating them with me, but also abstaining from our FAVORITES that are now off the table-wine, sushi, and (for me), coffee. He’s a keeper.

I’ll update each week with pictures, stories, and my current exercise and diet habits as well as write articles about the things I learn along the way.

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